This week’s Unplug your Kids challenge was Rough.  We had made texture boards before, but they were hard to store. I decided now was a good time to resize them to fit into a shoe box.

I picked a box that was about three times as long as it was deep. That meant we could fit about three texture boards in the lid.

Texture Lid

Then we used some wax crayons to rub over paper cut to fit into the lid.
Jaylene liked to color the center of each board, then flip them around and add a ring in a different color, then change the order, add new ones in and make another ring, and so on. She ended up with a rainbow of different textures. Jayden likes playing with just the boards. I like that they all fit into the box and store away neatly.

storage box

Here are some ideas of things to put on the boards:
tiny seed beads
brads/paper fasteners
chenille sticks
hot glue gun swirls
sand paper
embossed papers
craft/popscicle sticks
corgugated cardboard
sequin waste
velcro tabs

Can you think of some more? We’ve got some empty boards we could fill up.