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pay it forward

I saw Unplug Your Kid’s post on Pay It Forward.   She, along with two others, received a little gift in the post from someone who, along with two others received a little gift in the post from someone who, along with two others… well you get the idea! So recipients of the pay it forward present commit to sending out three more gifts to people who have committed to sending out three more gifts to people, who have committed to sending out … there it goes again!

Well, I was too slow and didn’t get a comment in the first three posts, so I didn’t qualify for a gift. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still play! So, the first three commenters on this post will get a little gift from Taiwan. If I don’t already have your address please list it, or at least make sure your email is on the post so I can contact you.

Remember, you have to promise to send out three more gifts into the world in return. If you don’t have a blog, you can still gift three people in your world. Please play, the world could use more smiles!


It’s to celebrate Lisa Vollrath’s St. Patrick’s Day countdown.

If you’re interested in making one yourself then see this tutorial. Or if you’re my friend you could ask me nicely and I’d probably make you one!

We’ve been busy building castles out of pink lego.
Lego Castle


A few valentines have been constructed but they need to be kept in secrecy as the recipients haven’t received them yet. If you want some fun freebies to make your valentines with, check out The Original Printables Holiday Countdown.

Lots of movies have been watched (it’s the holidays after all!) Do you recognize these lines?

1. I love Kung Fuuuuuuuuu.
2. Maternity leave? You’re all male!
3. It only works if the kids say it!
4. Well, what does a star do?

Year of the ox - giveaway

I’ve only been given a few minutes to post before my family whisks me away to another outing (is it wrong to be secretly happy the boys are going back to work/school tomorrow? I need a vacation from this vacation!)

I thought I’d host a picture challenge, with some participation prizes. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Post a year of the ox picture on your blog/photo account and post the link in my comments section. You can also link to any ox picture you’ve uploaded in the last week.

2. Make sure you’ve put your email in the email box ’cause I notify winners individually, I don’t repost on my blog.

3. Note if you want an authentic Asian collage pack that’s geared toward paper art or children.

I’ll send prizes to the first 10 participants that meet the above 3 criteria. C’mon, send out the oxen!

Edited* Challenge officially closed * watch for a new one soon!

We’ve got a fabric advent calendar that we use and every day the mousie moves closer to Christmas. I saw a neat idea on the net (I think it was my montessori journey’s blog) where they put a little chocolate nugget in each pocket. We won’t do that for many reasons, the main one is that some people’s mother would probably eat all the kids’ chocolate.

12-01 Mousie Calendar

This year we’ve also got a non-traditional advent calendar. We’ve started this grass hair growing panda bear and hopefully by Christmas he’ll have some hair. Jaylene’s taking a picture of it every day.

advent calendar

And if you like giveaways (and if you like elephants especially, ahem, Brenda Marks!) check out The Crafty Crow !!!! That’s four different links folks. Be lucky and win 😉

halloween 005

Another vintage witch image with diamond paper I made in photoshop. Happy Halloween! Halloween isn’t really celebrated here in Taiwan, although now we know of a few parties to attend so we don’t feel we miss out on much.

Don’t forget about my little giveaway. Post comments on the Halloween card posts and your name will be entered in for some goodies. I’m not trying to solicit comments about my cards, any Halloweenish comment will suffice. Also, the prize will be customized according to who wins, because I have a variety of readers.

One of the benefits of being home for three days during the typhoon was that I actually made something for my own creative enjoyment. I’ve done a lot of kid crafting these days and found there wasn’t much time, creativity or inspiration left over. My muse had abandoned me. I think she’s returned though. My cards are simple, but I like ’em. I hope you do too.

Boo Bat card

I made up the cute little vintage witchy girl diamond paper in photoshop, printed it out and used it as a focal point for the card. The bats are butterfly punches that I cut up, and that’s about it for any techniques.

I have a few more cards to share, I thought one a day for a while would be kinda fun. I also thought that it would be kinda fun to have a *giveaway*. I’ll draw names from kind commenters on *each* card I share, so the more cards you comment on, the greater your chances of winning are.  If you’re a family member, I’ll count each post as a double entry (yes, I’m begging my family to delurk! you can do it under a faux name if you so wish, just let me know that it’s you by email).

Don’t worry, that’s not the only thing I’ll be posting over the next few days.  What kinds of posts of mine do you enjoy the most though?  Let me know, you have influence!

Edited to add: The comments don’t have to be directly related to the card being posted, they can be about anything Halloweenish.

Now, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll notice that I don’t usually mention what I receive in the mail. My reasoning is that, when life gets overwhelming (and it often does) my computer time is the first to go. And I’d hate for someone to think I didn’t appreciate what they sent me because I didn’t mention it publically.  (I try to always thank privately). However, Cassi from the Crafty Crow sent me my Funny Food prize and it’s amazing.

crafty crow funny food prize

A printed tote with matching button pin and oodles of great supplies inside. Including freezer paper… now I can do freezer paper stencils! I am super excited about that. If I’ve ever posted a comment of admiration for your freezer stencil artwork that was filled with longing and perhaps a wee bit of whining… I’m sorry, but now look what I have! My own stash! yay. I digress.

The reason why I wanted to publically thank Crafty Crow, was because I promised (several times) to send a pack of asian collage items to donate to the totes. And I forgot (several times). I’m terrible at mailing things out in a timely manner! I’m very sorry, and so if you were a funny food winner and you want a collage pack, leave a comment and I’ll send you one (making sure to do so before Christmas!)

While I’m talking about fun packages, I might as well mention that Sycamore Stirrings sent me these lovely headbands, just in time for my new, too short hairstyle that begs to be worn in a headband!

Oh, and Brenda Marks, amazing Oregon artist extrodinaire, has been destashing and sent me a thoughtful package full of card making goodies.

I know I’ve forgotten something, which is why I don’t usually do these sorts of posts, and it’s reminded me of a whole slew of other things I need to do (like mail Rachael her giveaway prize). I need an assistant, lol!

Oh, oh, there’s still time to sign up for Kiddio’s Kid Stationary/Mail Kit swap. Looks like fun!
swap button


Just a quickie. You can try downloading the freebie (without my son’s adorable mug shot, and no wordart) here

New Link 5/26


Inspired Ideas has a lovely mother’s day picture available. The expression on the face of the littlest one is adorable.

Of course the evergenerous Lisa has a countdown up.

Designer Digitals has a few quotes up for downloading.

Do you know of any other giveaways?

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