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Jaylene requested a lego party for her tenth birthday. She’s never really had a big party before, so she was pretty excited about this one. This has been months in the making so I had time to collect a lot of ideas which I stored on my Pinterest Lego Board. In the end we kept it simple though and everything went smoothly.

Our colors were pink and grey, and our theme was lego. As guests came into the KTV room, they were greeted by a dessert table full of Jaylene’s favorite treats. There were strawberry doughnuts, strawberry oreos, pink macaroons, pink pocky sticks and lots of pink marshmellows. We also had pink frosted cupcakes on a cupcake holder made from paper plates and cups. Jaylene spent hours creating the pink and grey lego castles on display.

dessert table

Inside we had pink and grey buckets of lego waiting to be played with. The girls were ambitious and created a 14 level pyramid that miraculously stayed intact until the end of the party.


The kids played with legos and the adults chatted while everyone arrived. It was a new location and some people got lost. It was pouring rain outside and Ahji had to make a few rescue runs to collect some soggy guests. Luckily the food was delivered without a problem from one of Jaylene’s favorite restaurants in Tamshui – Kooks.

After munching on felafels, tortillas, sandwiches, salads and more, it was time for the games! As we had kids from the ages of almost two to twelve, we kept the games pretty simple. One was a relay race where they had to balance a bowl on their head, pick out five different colors of legos and then race back to dump it into their team’s bucket. At the end of the race I declared everyone a winner and gave them all a race car kit to assemble. It was so quiet while they were working on their cars.

Race Car Assembly

Then it was race time! Each kid got to race in an “official” race and then picked out a prize. Unofficial races continued on for the rest of the party.


Most of the prizes were small kits of vehicles but I managed to find a few princess themed ones. Of course Jayden picked out a princess one for his prize. I also had in some lego shaped notebooks and correction tape and even ear buds that looked like legos, so that the older kids could have something they’d enjoy at home. Races and prize picking continued for awhile and then it was pinata time!

Pinata Jaylene

The pinata was supposed to be a giant pink lego brick but I couldn’t get the connectors to look right. Oh well, a big pink frilly bag that you whack is just as fun! I didn’t make the strings long enough so poor Ahji got his hands hit more than he would have liked. He was a good sport about it all. I had punctured holes along the bottom of the bag to help it tear easily but the kids kept hitting the top. Originally I’d planned to do a pull string pinata but I was told that would eliminate all the fun. And they did have fun!

Pinata Open!

Then it was time for the cake.

Lego Cake Family

I had grand ideas of having a bakery make one of those famous lego looking cakes but decided that I didn’t want to deal with a disaster if they didn’t quite understand what I was asking for. So we kept it simple and got some loaf cakes with macaroons on top to look like legos. The bakery thought we were crazy for not wanting a more elaborate design, but Jaylene loved her pink lego cake.

Lego Cake Jaylene 1st slice

A party in Taiwan isn’t complete if there isn’t karaoke so that’s how the party ended.

karaoke Jaylene Amanada

Guests left with their goodies in favor bags that Jaylene made herself. It was a huge undertaking for her but she persevered and had enough for everyone.

Jayden Nicole lego bag

Jaylene was delighted with her party and is happily enjoying life as a ten-year old!

I have searched high and low and can not find a single mini art journal that Jayden has created. He made three or four all in a weekend and they’ve all disappeared. When I asked him where they were, he mysteriously replied, “They’re okay.” I repeated my question, and he merely responded with a twinkle in his eye and “They’re all okay!” So apparently munchkin has a secret stowaway and I better find it fast because who knows what else he’s squirreled away in there!

I did find a miniscrapbook album that I made using the same format. It uses a 12×12 piece of paper while Jayden’s minibooks used an A4/letter sized piece of construction paper. This is what it will look like all folded up.

onepage 1 copy

Now flip the cover up…
onepage 2

And flip the bottom page down…
onepage 3

Flip the top page over to the right,
onepage 4

Repeat with the middle page…
onepage 5

And the last page…
onepage 6

Simple and effective! I forget where I first saw this format, but it’s become a favorite at our house. Jayden loves to put stickers on each page, add some stamping and then take a pencil to it.

When making this style of minibook it’s important to cut the slits to be about a quarter of an inch and to keep embellishments pretty thin and flat. I would love to see a picture if you attempt one!

Jaylene and I joined a friend and we went to a scrapbook class on Friday. We made three projects from just two pieces of paper, one patterned and one plain color cardstock. It was fun to create together and interesting to see how each person gave their own spin to the projects.

Here’s Jaylene’s:


And Eve’s:

(All photos taken by Daisy Day Scrapbooking Store)

We found this class to be so inspiring that we worked on similar projects this weekend. We both picked out some collage style of patterned paper from my stash and created to our heart’s content. I’ll have to post our finished projects later this week.

What’s inspiring you?

bat Holga Camera Effect

When I saw these pumpkin ornaments I was reminded of similar paper crafts we’ve done over the years and how much fun it is. I was inspired to design some Halloween themed ornaments.

This is the witch’s hat.
witchy hatty

And a bat.

Here it is flying in the window, which gives Jaylene great delight. She must have made at least half a dozen comments about it during the day, usually resulting in the need to run screaming around the house. Which in turn, gave Jayden great delight. Me, not so much.


It’s very similar to quilling and there are some fun instructions here and here. If you want to make copies of mine, here are the basics. I’d love to see what you come up with and any other designs.

Purple Witch’s Hat:
(Top) 1×11.5″
Fold the above strips in half and glue the tips together (I used double sided tape).
(Base) 1×6.5″
Glue the ends together and attach it to the top.
(Green Buckle) 1×5″ Fold it as shown and insert it into the base.

(Wing) 1×6″
Fold the above into thirds, join and glue at each fold.
Top of wing – 1×5.5″ glue the ends together with the inside part of the wing.
Repeat for second wing.
(Head/Body) 1×7″ Roll it into two circles
(Ears) 1×0.75+a bit Fold into triangles, you’ll need two.

Spider Web (not shown)
Follow the instructions for the bat wing, but instead of 1×5.5″ for the top of wing, use 1×3.5″ for the middle of the web. Repeat everything and attach the two sides together.

A pair of the witches to show you today.

halloween 007

halloween 006

This time I used a photoshop created focal image and some handpainted backgrounds that I made myself ages ago. The polkadots were created with an eraser on the end of pencil. 

I’ve never been a witch for Halloween, but I was a black cat once.  I think my best costume ever was when I was five and dressed up as an apple tree.  I wore a little toque with birds in it for a nest.  What was your favorite costume as a child?  (For halloween or for dress up.)

halloween 005

Another vintage witch image with diamond paper I made in photoshop. Happy Halloween! Halloween isn’t really celebrated here in Taiwan, although now we know of a few parties to attend so we don’t feel we miss out on much.

Don’t forget about my little giveaway. Post comments on the Halloween card posts and your name will be entered in for some goodies. I’m not trying to solicit comments about my cards, any Halloweenish comment will suffice. Also, the prize will be customized according to who wins, because I have a variety of readers.

One of the benefits of being home for three days during the typhoon was that I actually made something for my own creative enjoyment. I’ve done a lot of kid crafting these days and found there wasn’t much time, creativity or inspiration left over. My muse had abandoned me. I think she’s returned though. My cards are simple, but I like ’em. I hope you do too.

Boo Bat card

I made up the cute little vintage witchy girl diamond paper in photoshop, printed it out and used it as a focal point for the card. The bats are butterfly punches that I cut up, and that’s about it for any techniques.

I have a few more cards to share, I thought one a day for a while would be kinda fun. I also thought that it would be kinda fun to have a *giveaway*. I’ll draw names from kind commenters on *each* card I share, so the more cards you comment on, the greater your chances of winning are.  If you’re a family member, I’ll count each post as a double entry (yes, I’m begging my family to delurk! you can do it under a faux name if you so wish, just let me know that it’s you by email).

Don’t worry, that’s not the only thing I’ll be posting over the next few days.  What kinds of posts of mine do you enjoy the most though?  Let me know, you have influence!

Edited to add: The comments don’t have to be directly related to the card being posted, they can be about anything Halloweenish.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I was on a team of cool scrapbookers and card artists and other paper project makers and now the fruits of our labors is finally published.

asian scrapbooking

I don’t have my complimentary copy yet, and I’m not sure which of my projects actually ended up in the book, but I’ll let you know. Maybe I can get the authoress to give me some sneak peeks.

I’m not sure how to make a fancy Amazon box thing so I’ll just give you the link.

Summer here in Taiwan is most definitely hot, which happened to be this week’s Unplug your kids theme.  We found a hot scene (July 3rd’s decopage) from the goodies that Agence eureka generously provides on her blog. Jaylene cut out the background and the parts and we taped it all together to create a diorama.

A hot place

Then we went ahead and made our own diorama of a hot scene using Jaylene’s drawings.
Finished Diorama

Want to make your own? It’s easy and here’s how you do it.

Paper (we used copy paper but cardstock would make it sturdier) used to make a background drawing and elements for the 3D part.
Scissors and a craft knife (only let the older kids or adults use it please!)

Step 1: Create the background.
Step  1 Background
Keep in mind that the first two or three inches will be folded down to be the ground. Jaylene used hers to be a strawberry patch.

Step 2: Cut out the elements
Step 2 Tabs and Slots
Don’t forget to give each element a tab at the bottom when you’re cutting them out. Vary the size and width of the elements to create visual interest.

Step 3: Tape the tabs
Step 3 Taping the Tabs
Decide where you want to place the tabs and use the craft knife to cut a slot a tiny bit longer than the tab on the element. If you were going to give this as a gift and have the recipient put the diorama together, then number the tabs and the slots so they can match them up easily.

That’s it!  I told you it was super easy.  And here’s a close up of Jaylene’s finished creation:

Close Up

We definitely need to come up with a more catchy name. “Stitch and Bitch” is much more young and fun sounding, but not all of us (me!) are knitters.

A somewhat planned but still impromptu meet up was held at my house. We made accordion scrapbooks. Super fun, super easy and a great first scrapbook project. I donated supplies in return for a picture with the end result.

Here’s Chieni’s, she also finished up an adorable knitted dress for her daughter.

And Annie’s with her cute son.
Annie and Jojo

And mine, which is a thank you for some yummy Cheerios a fellow parent pager donated to Jayden, way back in April!
Accordion Book 1

Any suggestions on what the next group project should be?  Or a name that represents how cute and fun we are?

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