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Hey there! Popping in to show you some funny homework I’m working on. I’m taking a media and technology course in the evenings and weekends right now and for one assignment we had to take a bunch of technology related photos. Of course I couldn’t just take pictures and although I don’t have time to properly “scrap” this set, I thought it would be fun to put them together.


How do you bring up the topic of digital citizenship with your kids? What guidelines do you have when it comes to online time and how do you monitor their web activity?

So Upset!

Jayden can’t resist those coin operated basketball hoops. I love how he kisses the ball before he throws it.


St Patricks day

We had problems with the garland, and the felt board didn’t see as much use as I would have liked, but we wore green and our shamrocks with pride. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Felt Board

{All elements by Heather T, Get Digi With It}


It’s to celebrate Lisa Vollrath’s St. Patrick’s Day countdown.

If you’re interested in making one yourself then see this tutorial. Or if you’re my friend you could ask me nicely and I’d probably make you one!

So I have these precourse papers to finish up for *tonight* and instead I scrapped some layouts to try out for Vinnie Pearce’s Guest CT call. heheheh…


Give and Receive


walk in the park

{All elements by Heather T, Get Digi With It}

You guys make me laugh! Apparently my Wordless Wednesdays leave behind inquisitive minds. Well, that will make sure you stick around the blog I guess.

We recently visited the National center for art and craft and one of the ministores sold wooden children’s toys. Those spinning tops decorated the exterior.

I’ve been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking these days. HeatherT at Get Digi With It has been creating a lot of wonderful kits. Here’s one that fits in with the Valentine season.

Books are fun

I find that I do more digital scrapbooking these days because it’s easier to work on it in the bits of free time I have then it is to actually paper scrapbook. Poor Jayden doesn’t even have one paper scrapbook layout. We probably have less than a dozen printed photos of him. We were given a couple of mini-scrapbooks in a baby boy theme and they haven’t been filled up yet. But he has quite a few digital pages, I just need to get them processed and put into an album.

If you’re interested, I use photoshop to create my layouts. I like the 4×6 size because it’s inexpensive to print and fast to create. I try to have at least two pictures on a page because we take a crazy amount of pictures and one photo layouts just aren’t time efficient. I find I’m not big on journalling these days, but I try to remember to put the date on, and any names of people that aren’t from our immediate family. That’s about all I can think of to say. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We were very thrilled when we discovered authentic Mexican food in Tamshui. It was a little stand in the Old Street Market and we got food from them once before they shut down. Actually they relocated to a larger location with an expanded menu. And expanded prices so we’ve only been to the new place twice. But the food is yummy and the atmosphere rocks and we hope they stick around for a good while. Check out Eddie’s Cantina for details.

Eddie's Cantina 1

These were taken last month before Jayden’s parents banned him from accompanying them to any sort of decent restaurant. He’s been getting second chances though (and third, and fourth and more…) . He found many ways to amuse himself, including using the soccer ball (ahem, football) as a basketball, playing around with the placemats and watching TV from the comfy couch. However, he still managed to run around and keep his parents alternating between eating and chasing.

Eddie's Cantina 3

Jaylene was busily occupied playing with Amanda and Mr. Playdough (his English name is really Clay, but Jaylene found a new nickname for him).  She hardly found time to eat, but settled down once the ice cream arrived.

Eddie's Cantina 2

I had to work today, even though it’s Saturday! Jaylene enjoyed her first piano test without me. I’m under the impression it was a “Show up to pass” kind of thing, which is always good. Ahji survived being alone with the kids for most of the day, although there were a few hours where his momma helped him out. No idea what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.  What are your plans for the weekend?

My goal is to try and keep up with digiscrapping of our daily/weekend events. That means I’m using a lot of quick pages and keeping things pretty simple if I scrap it myself so I don’t always show them on the blog. But pictures are getting printed, and enjoyed which is the important thing. These were from our trip last weekend and I’m showing them to you because Jaylene’s goofy faces crack me right up. Also, this destination was part of the first few digilayouts I did, just over a year ago. Not sure that I’ve progressed all that much with photoshop or my digiscrapping ability, but I have learnt a few photoprocessing tricks along the way.

Pictures webcopy

Water Wheel Park webcopy

water fun webcopy

Digi credits: Heather Taylor

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