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Imagine a toothbrush that smells and tastes like chocolate. Wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth more often? Well, that’s what this product is all about!

Chocolate toothbrushes

I bought them earlier this year and my kids love them. I’d like to see a couple of them appear in their stockings this year, so I hope Santa can remember where I bought them before, because I forget! In case you were wondering how a toothbrush can smell like chocolate, here’s a close up of the instructions.

chocolate toothbrushes instructions

What flavor would you want your toothbrush to be? What do you hope will appear in your stocking?

Slurpee Instant noodles

beer tea

We’ll be celebrating the crossover as we always do, asleep! Although I do wake up when all the fire crackers go off and groggily consider getting up to see the fireworks from our window. However, my pillow always wins out. We often see fireworks so it’s not that big of a draw ūüėČ But I do wish you and yours a happy New Year. Make sure you have a designated driver if you’re going to a party. Perhaps they would be interested in some beer flavored tea?


Fluffy clouds and a castle in the sky… adorable!

The school I teach at sometimes gives the kids a fun lunch on their final test day. This time they gave them pizza and moji.

What is moji? Well, let me show you first…

Mmmm, glutinous rice with red bean filling. I only ate two, but I was eyeing the rest. It’s actually quite delicious, once you get past the English translation. However, I did not have any of the seafood pizza.

Seafood pizza

Now any pizza looks gross in a picture, but I’d like to bring your attention to the mix of seafood used for toppings. I didn’t get a close up of the tentacles, sorry. At least they didn’t put frozen peas and corn on like they do with other pizzas.

What do you eat for treat food?

We discovered a new challenge blog and tried out their current Think! challenge. They give you a list of materials and then a task to perform with them.


Materials: 1 bag of marshmallows; 2 paper cups; 10 paperclips; 5 sticks of spaghetti; 1 inch of tape; 10 inches of string
Challenge: “Suspend” as many marshmallows as possible at least 1 inch above the table.


Jaylene suspended 54 marshmellows! The flowers might be a bit smaller than what other participants were using, but they were the only kind they had in the store.

Jaylene marshmellows

She looks a bit groggy in this picture because she stayed up a little later than usual to finish the project, and then got up early so that we could take a picture with some sunlight. 

Originally she poked holes in the top of the cup with the paper clips and was spearing the marshmellows on the spaghetti, but we thought that might not fit the suspension requirement so she switched to dangling the paperclips off the spaghetti.¬† She didn’t even use the tape or the string.¬† She thought the string was too short to be useful so dismissed it altogether.¬† It was interesting for me to observe her thought process during¬†her creation.¬†

We’re looking forward to next week’s challenge.

I never knew that you could eat a lotus!¬† To tell the truth, I don’t know much about the difference between the lotus and the water lily, so I’m going to use them interchangeably. I hope that doesn’t irritate anyone beyond belief.¬† Since moving to Taiwan I’ve discovered that the seeds are yummy and that the pod sliced up is also delicious.


Well, this weekend I learned that you can eat lotus in other forms as well. Such as, dumplings!

lotus dumplings

And if you can’t tell, in the bowl in the top left corner are lotus noodles.

lotus noodles

And Jaylene’s favorite dish of the day was the lotus ice cream.

lotus ice cream

So, no muffin tin monday for me this week, but I hope I’ve tempted your tastebuds anyway.

I hosted the latest Mom’s Craft session earlier this week and I’ll show you what we made later. Too busy right now getting ready to head back to work *tomorrow* and getting Jayden ready for his big transition to daycare. But I wanted to show you what one of the moms (Thanks **Annie**!) brought…

Star cookies

Aren’t they adorable? Jaylene’s been munching on them like crazy. Jayden likes them too, although he enjoys smashing them to pieces while they’re still in the bag more. We’ve put them out of his reach! I kinda feel like the star in the top right corner at the moment, hopefully things will smooth down soon.¬† Which star describes your mood?

I would never in a million years have thought to dress a potato chip in a seaweed thong and have him sumo wrestling a sushi roll. But the flavor is quite tasty…

seaweed thong

Jaylene thinks the potato chip is wearing a seatbelt.

A while ago I posted the Swirl Pasta Package girl and wished for a whole wheat sister. I still haven’t found her, but we did locate her Shell Pasta sister.

pasta package

Mmmm, pasta for lunch it is! We’ve had a fun morning playing with Ahji’s Father’s day present… Twister!


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