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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 48,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 11 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

lotus ride

Originally uploaded by Julie K in Taiwan

Today someone added this photo of my kids on the giant lotus leaves as a Flickr favorite. I’m very thankful to them because last weekend’s trip’s pictures to the lily farm are still on the camera and I didn’t want to hunt around for this old one as a substitute. Jayden hasn’t gained any more interest in pretending to be a frog, this year he wouldn’t even attempt to get on the lily. Jaylene cooperated though, and I’ll share the picture as soon as we upload the pictures.

What’s a favorite old picture of yours? Please share a link with me.

With this one the focus was using layers to create depth. She used paints stamps, stenciling, pen work and collage. The idea of having a message to say through art was also introduced.


With this one, the goal was to express an emotion through the page. She’s been overwhelmed with the amount of mosquito bites she has (22 if you want to count) and so made this page to describe her irritation. I refrained from pointing out that she made a supercute page for something she hates so vehemently.


She really liked how simple and quick the above page was and requested more fast techniques like the starburst background. She’s working on another starburst background collage (princess themed with one of her best friends), but completed this next one first by looking at a picture in one of her old textbooks for reference, drawing it and then using it as a base for her collage.



night view

rainy day people

While rainy days are great to stay home and sip hot chocolate while lounging in flanel pjs and reading books, I am extremely glad that today is sunny. Hopefully the nice weather will last.

Look at Jaylene’s poor inverted feet. I’ve taken her to three different doctors and they all say she’s fine.

Hanging out in hotel closets is apparently the most fun a kid could have.



Playing around!


If you had dropped by to visit the last couple of afternoons, you would have found Jaylene and I hunched over our bead boards, furiously beading up a storm. And by beading I mean merely stringing beads on wire and adding clasps. But that’s enough to bring joy to our hearts. We love beaded necklaces!

Jaylene calls hers, “Twinkle Star”.

beads 029

I don’t have names for mine yet, can you help me think of some?

beads 017

beads 025

beads 020

beads 018

What’s your favorite jewelry?

Jaylene was enthusiastic to create a catapult, another Think! project.

The materials:
6 sticks, a pen, sticky tack, elastic bands, tape and she substituted a spoon for the paper cup. 

catapult materials

And of course pompoms to catapult around. Pompoms have been a big hit around here these days. Jayden loves putting them in a container, and then dumping them on his head. Giggles galore! Back to the catapult. This is what she came up with…


Loading it up…

catapult loading

Ready… Aim…

catapult ready aim...


catapult fire!

It works!

catapult success

And here’s a video. She’s a little silly at the end, delirious with her success.

Video catapult

Originally uploaded by Julie K in Taiwan



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