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We had a very busy day over at Baby Boss City in Taipei. A friend was able to hook us up with 65% off discount tickets. I love hearing 65% off!

On the way, we asked Jaylene what sort of jobs she was hoping to get a chance to “work” in. She said, in order of importance:
1. A 7-11 clerk
2. A banker
3. A mommy
4. A chef
5. A parking lot attendant. No, the elevator girl. No, the parking lot guy. Maybe a doctor. No, the parking lot guy. But if the elevator girl… standing inside or outside?

Well, these are the occupations she did get to try out.

1. 7-11 clerk (and this was her favorite, seriously)
7-11 clerk

2. Surgeon

3. Department Store gift specialist (they wrapped empty boxes and Jaylene said it was not fun at all, but she still got mad when I knocked on the window and tried to get her to pose, after all, she was listening!)

4. Astronaut (she came out with her helmet on crooked, half blocking her face, and wouldn’t fix it. The demonstrator had to tilt it during her little spiel)

Jayden couldn’t go in most of the scenes but he still had adventures. Here he is practicing to be a bank robber.
bank robber

And here’s my little rocket scientist munchkin.
rocket scientist

I took the pictures while standing on the other side of a glass window, so if you want to see the rest of the 86 poor quality photos of our day, click here for the Flickr set.

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