Magpie Meeting

We’ve been reading the Magpie Meeting which is in English and Chinese and describes Chinese Valentine’s Day. Of course, our banner has been put to good use a lot this week.

Magpie Banner

We’ve also been reading a bunch of new books from the library and I made a stop at Cherry Valley bookstore to try and buy more supertwin books. No luck, they only had the two copies we already own. I did pick up a bunch of Valentine’s Day books (the February style ones, but we still liked reading them now) and some Thanksgiving ones I’ll save for October.

No fancy projects to share, I’ve recovered from the flu-like virus I had and have moved on to a new throat infection.   That won’t stop us from celebrating Father’s Day today.  The 8th day of the 8th month is Father’s day here because the word for 8-8 sounds like Father in Chinese (BaBa).  Even though it might not be Father’s day in your country, I encourage you to give your dad a call, or a hug if you can!