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Jaylene and I have been arting up a storm during the winter break. When we’re taking a break from creating, we’re writing book reports (Jaylene), and doing the great Chinese New Year clean out. We’ve also been rediscovering some art supplies. Here are some of our favorite pens:

Hmmm, I see a pattern, the fun of (oil pastels/watercolors/acrylic paints) without the mess. I guess being in cleaning mode is affecting how we create. Also the cold weather means we’re holed up in the art room with a space heater instead of being out and about. What affects your creating cycle? Does the weather have an effect, in productivity or themes or other ways? If you’re not making anything these days, what have you been up to?

I’ve been overdue in posting a picture of this great bag Teresa sent me:

She’ll send you one too, it’s all part of her plan to rid the world of plastic bags. Check out her site to find out how you can get your own.

What better thing to fill up a fun new fabric bag, then with fabric? So off I went with a friend to the fabric market today. We were searching for silks that we could dye for the kiddos, but didn’t find any. Found some suitable faux stuff though, so imaginative play, here we come. As the fabric market is a maze, if you’re interested in purchasing some, go to this shop:






I’m supposed to be packing for our upcoming trip. I hate it because even though I keep it to a bare minimum, Ahji always complains I pack too much stuff. I think he forgets that we’re travelling with two small children, one of which is a baby. And just because he can wear the same clothes five days in a row, doesn’t mean I feel comfortable doing so. While in the midst of procrastinating from this dreaded task, I came upon a recommendation for these PackIt Up envelopes by Eagle Creek:
I would love a set for each family member (excluding Ahji of course, as he doesn’t change clothing). Hmmm, perhaps now I know what to get him for Christmas, heheheh.

Also, while I’m on the topic of shopping. I think the idea posted at parenthacks to have these wristbands made up with the parents’ cell phone number debossed on it, is a fabulous idea. We were helping watch my 8 year old nephew on the weekend and he ran away more than 4 times in 3 hours! Jaylene has important numbers memorized but in a scarey situation the mind plays tricks on people.

Frames by LJD

There’s a cool site that gets digital designers to sponsor a month and they donate 100% of their profits to charity. This month the kit is called Dreamscicle and the charity is the Make a wish foundation. Check it out {HERE}.

Here’s the full url:

Quick post as I’m off to Jaylene’s school for a parent teacher interview. It’s all morning long and entirely in Chinese. Wah! To┬ácheer me up, here’s some items that have caught my eye recently and I’d luv to have my hands on! Sparkly cardstock from Bazill, a new magazine from stampington and some funky labels (cafe au lait).

5-26-07 WishList

If you’re into digital creating, check out Helena’s designs. She’s a fabulous artist, talented in many mediums. Be sure to check out her firefly kit. This tag is a free sample she has offered.


Forgot to leave a link to her blog.


Our family might be trippling the stock value of tissue, but we’re doing it in style! Those sparkly shoes for Jaylene were less than $3 USD! She’s been walking on the moon lately.

‘Scuze me, I’ve got to go blow my nose…

Look what arrived in the mail recently!
I’m so jealous it’s for Jaylene, but I think I can convince her to share sometimes.
For more adorable cuteness, check out her Flickr account and then pop over to her Etsy Store

Well, last Friday was supposed to be a work day. The Taiwanese Government changed it to a holiday so that there would be nine continuous days of rest during the New Year instead of 6, work one, off again for two. Smart thinking! However, there was a catch, and the catch is that we (the entire nation) have to work today, a Saturday, instead. Wah!

To help ease the shock, I stopped by the dollar store on the way home last night. I picked up these buttons and I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store. It’s so hard to find good crafty buttons easily.


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