Update: February 11, 2011

A sweet little scrapbook store with the sweetest of owners, Vianne and Kieran, may be found at Daisy Day in Peitou, Taipei. When you go, tell them I sent you. Or let me know and I’ll meet up with you there. She keeps an active blog with lots of products. She also offers a wide variety of classes.
Website: http://www.daisyday.com.tw/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/DaisyDay.tw
Address: 北投區中正街69號 1F.,No.69,Zhongzheng St.,Beitou Dist. Taipei, Taiwan, 112
Phone: 02-28970017

For nice Chinese paper, you can go to the paper museum. The museum is interesting to visit to see how paper is made, and they have English guides if you call in advance. They have a small gift shop inside, but a few doors down there’s a paper shop that sells really nice parent sheets of Chinese designs. Make sure you go to the shop and not just the museum (the first time I went, it was just to the museum and I didn’t bother to go back again for years!) The museum is # 68 and the store is #74. Both are on Chang An East Rd.

The other stores I haven’t visited recently, so be sure to call ahead to make sure they are still running.

If you want to find coins/charms, go to Five Fortune (Wu Fu) It’s at #99 Tai Yuan Rd. Taipei Taiwan. Phone (02)2559-0500.

Another place to find coins and trinkets is at Mama Bear at #51 Chang An Rd. Phone (02) 2550-8899 They also have a store in KaoHsiung.

If you go to Chang An Rd in that general area, you’ll see a lot of DIY stores with cords and beads and stuff. Just around the corner is the fabric market (Di Hwa). You’ll find a lot of Chinese fabrics there. Right near the market is a lot of ribbon stores. You can get good prices there.

At #278 Chang An West Rd is ShiShe notions store that sells buckles and lots of cool metal things like letter eyelets and nail heads and lots of fun metal stuff. phone 2558-6980

The stamp stores I know of are (they sell scrapbook supplies too):

I know they have at least one store, which is located in the shopping mall by the Ferris Wheel (Taipei Eye) in Neihu.


Ali creative (02) 2882 4489 or 0937-952-408

DIY art

When I go into Taipei, I usually just go to the mega Eslite bookstore near Taipei City hall, on one of the upper floors are two stamp stores and they have a bunch of supplies.

Good luck shopping and let me know what goodies you get. If you know of any other places to shop for supplies, let me know and I’ll add the links. Also, please inform if you know of any stores that have closed.