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We are in complete robot mania around these parts. Today we met up with some friends and headed up the hill to the world’s first Robot Museum.


It’s a joint venture between the faculty and students at the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan, just up the road from the Taiwan National Arts University.

robot museum copy

We had called ahead (:(02) 2894-3356 ext.168)and an English speaking guide, Dr. Huang, was available to show us all four exhibit rooms. He was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. We weren’t able to compose our own 6-speed lego robots as the materials were in Hsin Chu for a camp, but they should be there the next time we go. And we will go again, it was a lot of fun. And with an admission price of $30NT each, you can’t beat the value.


Where else can you safely egg on a dinosaur that senses where you are and steadily moves toward you?

nyah nyah

Here’s an interesting article about the museum. It’s only open 7 days a week during the summer, but only on weekdays during school terms. It’s not a place that Jayden or other younger kids would find terribly interesting. The robot toy center was fun, but even our older kids were pretty tired after a couple of hours.

Walle Luv

Awesome star burst paper by the talented Heather T.

The latest Kid’s craft newsletter was all about Printing. In one of the activities, she suggested using various shaped boxes to stamp with. We didn’t have a collection of fun shapes so we made our own by cutting a cereal box into strips and then forming them into different shapes.

robot 080

Then you dip them in paint and stamp away.

robot 081

Of course, Jaylene made a robot themed painting. We re-used one of her daycare paintings. It justifies that I never threw them away, and she thinks the background looks cool.

robot 083

And if you were wondering how to say “robot” in Chinese, it’s “Ji Chi Ren” written as follows:
robot 075

Do you know offhand how to say “robot” in any other languages?

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