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Advertising is everywhere and we’ve just started to touch on the subject with Jaylene. by pointing out the obvious “lies” and explaining that comercials are all about helping the company make money.  Here’s a great article about this topic, which I found through the parenthacks blog:

How To inoculate your children against advertising

They’re teaching their kids about basic economics and simple marketing techniques used by advertising companies.  Their plan is to help the kids recognize the tactics used and as a result question the validity of claims presented.   Every time one of their kids is interested in an ad, they chat about it.  First they asked if the kids thought the product did what it claimed, which introduced the idea that sometimes people say things that aren’t true and that it was okay for them to question what they saw and heard. It also taught the kids that their opinions are important.   They also learned to question if the price was a good value, if the product was of good quality and to ask for more information before making purchases.

How do you deal with the media’s barrage of advertising with your children?

I absolutely adored Baby Legs the minute I saw them. However, I had no intentions of having another wee one at the time. Well, as we all know that changed! I hadn’t gotten around to buying a set (or five) yet. Then I saw a link on Parent Hacks for homemade ones! I immediately started looking for woman’s knee length socks, having seen them all around before when I wasn’t interested in buying a pair. Of course they immediately became elusive and it took me weeks before I found some. They were only in black and white, so I’m still on the hunt for some funky striped ones. Here’s what I came up with though:


I’m proud of the cloning out I did in the top left corner. Did’ja notice it? Can you see it now that I’ve mentioned it?

And here’s a close up, check out those little piggies.


While I’m bragging about my photoshop skills, the above shot was spliced together from two different photos. One foot was blurry on each so I just combined them. Had to work carefully in order to match up the diaper and the towel wrinkle.

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