I’m posting our creation for the unplug your kids challenge of soft, early this week. I’ve been having daily headaches in the afternoons/evenings so I doubt I’ll be up to posting later. That also explains why I’m behind in posting about Jaylene’s first day at school and other events. Anyway…. we made sushi!

I’ve been eyeing the felt food kits available here for a while but haven’t picked any up because I had classic “I could make that myself” reasoning. I finally broke down and  bought a sushi kit a few weeks ago because it seemed a bit more complex than I thought I could go on my own.   Jaylene was imediately eager to whip up some faux sushi but we didn’t open the box until now. However, I found the directions a little lacking in guidance, and what I could figure out seemed beyond our level of ability, so we took inspiration from the kit and then went on in our own direction.

Here’s Jaylene’s real-life favorite, the tofu casing sushi.

She’s also fond of the egg rolls.
Egg Roll

The key is to use terrycloth for the rice.

Elastic bands and glue make the creating time more fun for a six year old (and her impatient mother!)

Mmmmm, sushi…

I’m really glad we didn’t do the one which would have required cutting out 50 tiny circles of felt to represent fish roe.