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We were very thrilled when we discovered authentic Mexican food in Tamshui. It was a little stand in the Old Street Market and we got food from them once before they shut down. Actually they relocated to a larger location with an expanded menu. And expanded prices so we’ve only been to the new place twice. But the food is yummy and the atmosphere rocks and we hope they stick around for a good while. Check out Eddie’s Cantina for details.

Eddie's Cantina 1

These were taken last month before Jayden’s parents banned him from accompanying them to any sort of decent restaurant. He’s been getting second chances though (and third, and fourth and more…) . He found many ways to amuse himself, including using the soccer ball (ahem, football) as a basketball, playing around with the placemats and watching TV from the comfy couch. However, he still managed to run around and keep his parents alternating between eating and chasing.

Eddie's Cantina 3

Jaylene was busily occupied playing with Amanda and Mr. Playdough (his English name is really Clay, but Jaylene found a new nickname for him).  She hardly found time to eat, but settled down once the ice cream arrived.

Eddie's Cantina 2

I had to work today, even though it’s Saturday! Jaylene enjoyed her first piano test without me. I’m under the impression it was a “Show up to pass” kind of thing, which is always good. Ahji survived being alone with the kids for most of the day, although there were a few hours where his momma helped him out. No idea what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.  What are your plans for the weekend?

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