This week’s Unplug your kid’s challenge was trees. We had a bunch of complex projects planned out, but no time to really execute them. Jaylene is practicing piano more than usual in order to prepare for her first exam on the 23rd and we were going to be out all weekend. So when I saw Pepper Paint’s magic science post I knew that was the route we were going to go! I’d been wanting to do the colored celery experiment for awhile and this week serendipitiously had all the supplies needed. Not that much was needed!

We colored water (and our fingers!)
Colored water

Then Jaylene picked the tree-like part of the celery and stuck them in the cups.

I asked her what she thought would happen overnight, and she guessed that the water would make the “trees” grow taller. We waited to find out that…

Colored Trees

the trees were now fun colors. We discovered that it only worked if you stuck the stem in the water, and not the leaf. We’ve been on an “Eating more vegetables” kick lately and this was a good example of how what you take in goes all through your body.

When we were walking to the pool on Saturday, we saw this name plate for a nearby community:
Green Power
It’s just a name, and they come up with some pretty unique names for communities here, but I thought it would be a great way to remind yourself to reduce, reuse and recycle everyday.

I’d like to do more science type experiments with Jaylene. What are your favorites that you do with your kids, or that you remember doing?