Well, we took a spontaneous trip down south and all the plans I’d made for our Unplug your kids’ challenge for Hard went right out the window. Perhaps we’ll do them for this week’s fruit challenge so I won’t give you any hints! I did think that we could upload a video of Jaylene singing the silly songs we made up to help her learn how to spell the numbers but she’s being shy and doesn’t want to share them with the internet world. I began to get a bit worried that we wouldn’t have a submission but then we saw this:

obstacle course

And that’s just part of the obstacle course. So instead of being all crafty or dipping our toes in some science fun, we did hard, physical exertion! Definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was a lot of fun.

There was rock climbing,
rock climbing

a wooden wall to climb,
the wall

a rope tunnel,
rope tunnel

and Jaylene’s favorite, a swinging bridge
swinging bridge

Jaylene was able to conquer her fear of bridges and walked along this gigantic rope bridge (after warming up on a smaller one) with only a minimal amount of complaining 😉

rope bridge

Even Jayden got in on the obstacle action,
Jayden rope bridge

He was even a good sport about us not letting him do the fun, aka dangerous parts.
Jayden climbing

So Jaylene faced her fear of bridges this weekend, and I touched a snake willingly for the first time (more on that later).  What fears have you overcome recently?