Happy New Year’s Eve!

stack 'em up

Oranges are a sign of luck and prosperity and are abundant around the New Year celebrations. They look lovely stacked up like a pyramid with a stem and a few leaves attached. One of the lucky New Year poems is about the orange and it goes like this: “Da Ji Da Li” which means the same as every other New Year poem, “Good Luck!”

Chwun Orange

For a fun and fast craft, make your own lucky oranges.

recycled paper for inside
orange paper for outside
a green straw
green paper or fuzzy chenille sticks for leaves
clear packing tape
red paper for lucky character

Ji Orange

Super Easy Directions:
1. Crumple inside paper into a ball
2. Cover with orange paper
3. Wrap it up with the tape
4. Poke a hole in the top and stick the straw in, tape it secure
5. Add leaves
6. Write a lucky character on a small square of red paper and tape it to the front

Good luck to you!