One of the fabulous things about Chinese New Year is all the fireworks that go off. We’re lucky to be in an area where we can view them right from our window. Unfortunately that also means we’re in an area where fire crackers go off, constantly, at all hours of the night. Ah well, it makes for a festive atmosphere, right?

Here’s another fun and easy craft… make a fire cracker for display. 

fire cracker craft

empty pop can
cardboard circle (slightly smaller than pop can top)
red paper
chenille stick

Step 1: wrap pop can with red paper, fold edges down.
Step 2: poke chenille stick through red paper and tape down, then cover the cardboard circle with it. Adhere to the top of the can.
Step 3: Add glitter and a lucky character (or make up your own like Jaylene did).

We don’t buy real fire crackers or fire works, but we can’t resist sparklers.


I can’t decide which versions I like better, the desaturated black and white or the original yellow tones. Perhaps sepia? What do you think?