First we drove three hours (a bit of a roundabout way, I won’t say we got, ahem, lost) to get to Greenworld for family day.

1Green World

We held snakes and bugs, saw butterflies and birds and had a bunch of fun at various venues Acer had set up. Then we drove to Miaoli and stayed at the “West Lake Resortopia“. Cheesy name aside, it was a nice and clean hotel. No bathtub though, which was disappointing for the price.


We intended to visit the Wood Museum the next day, but our hotel gave us complimentary tickets to their “Reminiscent Cartoon Dream World” park so we hung out there instead.

1Dream World

Then it was a long drive home, which we extended to go play with friends (Keanu!) in the river.

I’ll post more pictures later, but in the meantime, how was your weekend?