The theme for toddlers over at Teaching Tiny Tots is leaves. We’re working on a counting book but I don’t know that it will be finished in time for Thursday. So I thought I’d share some pictures of Jayden’s classmates playing with leaves during music class. Jayden managed to evade the camera, he’s sneaky that way.

The kids had lots of fun in music class with leaves and scarves. First they threw the leaves up in the air, in time with music and then gathered them all up.

Then they carried them around, two by two on scarves, again to music. I think they also had a wind sound and when they heard the wind (or made wind sounds themselves) they bounced the scarf in the air, scattering the leaves.

When they tired of gathering and carrying, they sprinkled the leaves on each other. What tickley, giggley fun!

For more leafy ideas keep an eye out for Tiny Tot’s leaf round up. Also check out the layered leaf activity at Art Projects for kids, Maya Made’s wonderful fall leaves craft activity and My Montessori Journey has some fall decorations up and will be sharing some leaf songs in the near future.  I have plans for collecting some leaves for paint prints this weekend.  What do you like to do with leaves?