We’re creeping into the last days of summer so we thought we would host a playgroup potluck. Jaylene being the creative girl she is, wanted to have an Angry Birds theme. So we did!

This was our snack table, before all of the food was added.

The large square angry birds are paper covered cardboard with Printable angry bird faces. I believe they were intended for balloons. These squares are actually from my classroom. I use them as mascots for team games and as a conversation starter during the “get-to-know-you” phase of the school year. Jaylene worked very hard to create the watermelon and lemon pig decorations. The lemon pigs were a huge hit with the guests and most of them were taken home as favors.


Earlier in the summer, Jaylene practiced some map skills by creating an “Angry Bird Land” map. It was a perfect touch as a decoration.


As guests arrived they could work together on our “Design a level” paper.
design a level

I was a little worried about how the different ages would collaborate but I think most of it was done by Jaylene. The other kids enjoyed playing the homemade board games we had set out.

angry birds board game

Once all the guests had arrived we began the competitive games. During Dragonboat festival, I found a market vendor who was selling Angry Bird character “fragrant bags”. They were fairly inexpensive, and thankfully not fragrant at all. I scooped a bunch up and my kids have enjoyed creating a version of Angry Birds Live.


They set up “castles” with the foam blocks and then toss the birds to try and knock down the pigs.

live game

We also played a game where each team tried to keep the birds and pigs on the other team’s side by throwing them. It was a fast and fun game, but hard to determine a winner. Next on the schedule was to create your own Angry birds on circle sticky notes.

make an angry bird

We then taped the “Design a level” to the wall and played a version of pin the tail on the donkey, using the sticky note angry birds.

game 2

That was it for the structured games so it was time to hand out the prizes. I forgot to take a picture before the kids started choosing.


The rest of the time was spent munching and chatting and watching the kids play Pig-in-the-middle, Dodge-ball and Keep-away with the stuffed pigs. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the summer.

How are you finishing up the season?