I read on photojojo (thanks for the link Susan!) about how if you redirect your flash to bounce off the ceiling you’ll get amazing results because the flash is more evenly distributed. It’s not a lie. I grabbed some reflective paper and some trusty decorative masking tape and whipped up a little bounce reflector.

DIY Flash bouncer

DIY flash bouncer

I am seriously amazed with the results and it makes it sooo worth having a dorky diy attachment to my camera. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow that I took of Jayden, late at night in his bottom bunk bed. Two using my reflector and one with flash. See if you can guess which is which.

I also used some tape to add a little doodad to the front to give the kids something to smile about. Well, it was worth a try.

Look at the car and smile!

The reflector doesn’t work on my camera that doesn’t have a pop up flash, but I was given a tip by a friend who suggested using a tissue to diffuse the flash. I’ve used that tip with success. Do you have any photography tips?