Lots of last minute changes this year but all’s well that ends well, and we ended with a very happy birthday boy. There was a dinosaur themed party at school…


Dinosaur photo book, dinosaur treats (toys and pencils) and dinosaur cupcakes. These were decorated by the birthday boy himself and his ever helpful older sister.

decorating cupcakes

These were super simple to make, cupcakes bought at 7-11, a nutella type spread for the icing, chocolate rocks to give a prehistoric feel, and a dinosaur topping. Made in minutes and very popular.

We had a quiet family celebration with just the four of us at an all you can eat BBQ restaurant. We finished the evening with Nian gao, which puffed up like magic.

Nian Gao

Then it was drenched in condensed milk, rolled in a peanut sugar powder and we added a candle for festivity.

Blowing out the candle

When I asked Jayden his favorite part of his birthday he said it was the “big train cake” that we had eaten at lunch. I had grabbed a cheap box cake from a cake cafe on our way to meet some friends for a casual lunch after their ballet class. Jayden was eyeballing the much more expensive teddy bear cakes but I managed to get him to agree with my choice by calling it a train cake. Apparently, unlike roses, cakes with a fun name are sweeter!

It’s hard to believe that my little guy is already four. What’s your favorite birthday memory?