Playing card holder

I saw this project floating around the internet years ago and made one for Jaylene when she was a wee little one. Jayden used hers for a bit but it got lost so I made up a new one for him today. I thought I’d share with you the process.

Materials: A clear plastic lid, a back (I’ve used another lid but this time we used a paper plate cut to size), a brad (paper fastener), and a washer of some sort (it could be thick paper with a hole in the middle).
Playing card holder materials

Layer the materials together and thread onto the brad. We originally were using two of the little coins in the middle, but found the cards slipped through, so we took one out.


Decorated playing card holder

And here’s an action shot.
playing card holder Jayden

Uno and Go fish are Jayden’s favorites at the moment. Jaylene likes Uno, Set and Monopoly Deal. What are your favorite card games?