I didn’t mention the reason I thought of making the ABC cards for Jayden. I was in the middle of a project, and then got sidetracked into another project and then ended up making the cards. The first project was making some alpha paper for the March Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

handmade papers

To make this paper I needed to use my alpha stamps. I hardly ever use them because they’re all shoved into a drawer. They’re hard to get to, hard to keep from spilling out of their packages and generally a nuisance. So while I was looking at the mess of stamps, I decided I would put them into stackable holders (like what Jaylene uses for her pens) with all the stamp sets broken down into letters, with 3 or four letters in a box. So begins the second project!

I’ve been reluctant to organize this way because I always thought I wanted to keep fonts together. I used the foam letters to label the holders and started dismantling a set. Then I got into the whole “double letters” (b/p u/n) issue and knew that the project was doomed. I quickly turned to Google and found a message board post mentioning they use A4 document holders to keep their stamp sets together. Genius! Here’s my version.

foam alpha stamp storage

foam alpha stamp storage closed

Now my foam alpha stamps are neatly set into the drawer and I’m inspired to use them more often. What organizing tip has made your life easier or clutter-free recently?