Jayden has been having fun singing the ABC song lately. He hasn’t yet made the leap to matching the letters with their names and I thought we could make up a little game for him to play while “practicing”.

ABC cards

Letter stickers (I used foam ones, I like the extra dimension they add)
26 cards cut from recycled material. You’ll need five patterns. What I did was used stripes that could be flipped around with different colors on the side. The different patterns make it easier to sort the letters. Use one pattern for the first five letters, another for the next five, and so on.

How to play:
Pull out the first five letters, which are easy to discern because they have all the same pattern. That could be part of the game too.
Either have the kiddo put them in order, or point to the letter that is called out. Jayden isn’t able to do either of those variations, so I put them in order and we sing the song as that’s his favorite part. Later on we could use them for spelling. What letter games do you like to play?