I have searched high and low and can not find a single mini art journal that Jayden has created. He made three or four all in a weekend and they’ve all disappeared. When I asked him where they were, he mysteriously replied, “They’re okay.” I repeated my question, and he merely responded with a twinkle in his eye and “They’re all okay!” So apparently munchkin has a secret stowaway and I better find it fast because who knows what else he’s squirreled away in there!

I did find a miniscrapbook album that I made using the same format. It uses a 12×12 piece of paper while Jayden’s minibooks used an A4/letter sized piece of construction paper. This is what it will look like all folded up.

onepage 1 copy

Now flip the cover up…
onepage 2

And flip the bottom page down…
onepage 3

Flip the top page over to the right,
onepage 4

Repeat with the middle page…
onepage 5

And the last page…
onepage 6

Simple and effective! I forget where I first saw this format, but it’s become a favorite at our house. Jayden loves to put stickers on each page, add some stamping and then take a pencil to it.

When making this style of minibook it’s important to cut the slits to be about a quarter of an inch and to keep embellishments pretty thin and flat. I would love to see a picture if you attempt one!