In case you’ve been inspired by her creations… she put together a “Trash to treasures” book this summer and decided it was a great place to jot down some advice to remember when making art journal pages.

Here’s the cover:
Art Journal Advice cover

Tip #1: Never work on top of your journal.
Advice #1
I’m guessing she learned that one the hard way!

Tip #2: A mistake is not really a mistake. Keep going.
Advice #2
I like the clear, glittery fold-out flap.

No tip here, just happy Barbie stickers.
Advice #3

More happiness.
Advice #4

Tip #3: Some things don’t work out at first. But if we keep drawing (trying) they will work out in the end.
Advice #5

Tip #4: Have fun!
Advice #6

Back cover:
Art Journal Advice Back cover

What advice do you have to encourage creativity?