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princess frog

Last weekend we went to a lotus farm in Taoyuan. Jayden wouldn’t go on the lily pads (and I didn’t force him like last time!) but Jaylene was happy to pose. Unfortunately we went just before noon and it was super hot. There’s lots of similar farms around there, but we’re pretty happy with that one.

lotus ride

Originally uploaded by Julie K in Taiwan

Today someone added this photo of my kids on the giant lotus leaves as a Flickr favorite. I’m very thankful to them because last weekend’s trip’s pictures to the lily farm are still on the camera and I didn’t want to hunt around for this old one as a substitute. Jayden hasn’t gained any more interest in pretending to be a frog, this year he wouldn’t even attempt to get on the lily. Jaylene cooperated though, and I’ll share the picture as soon as we upload the pictures.

What’s a favorite old picture of yours? Please share a link with me.

Sooooo, long time no post. We went on a fun vacation to Canada and then came back to a truckload of computer problems. Those are slowly getting resovled and hopefully everything will be okey dokey by the weekend. In the meantime… we’ve been doing lots of “arting”.

Jayden comes home and before we’re even through the door he turns to me and says, “Mom, let’s go to the art room so I can do my work.” So Cute! His work right now involves using the paper punches on strips of paper, folding them up super tiny and then wrapping them up in scads of deco tape, and clipping it all together with a paperclip. He’s made a couple of dozen of these creations.

Jaylene is furiously working in her art journal and had developed a slight addiction to 3D stickers (they’re like paper tolle, I think) and has been sticking them on everything. I’ve joined the art journal bandwagon too. It’s a great reason to play around with paint and the rest of the art supply hoard I’ve got. Wish I could share photos with y’all but like the post title says, technical difficulties!

How’s everything going for you?

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