Like many I am in love with decorative tape, including the new Japanese Masking Tapes. It’s quite easy to make your own though.

fabric adhesive tape (for taping gauze on)
watercolor paints
waxed paper (perhaps freezer paper would work as well)
optional: pens, glue, wax crayons (for creating patterns)

I placed strips of tape on the waxed paper and added watercolor paints.

DIY Colored Tape

On some strips I played around with patterns first.

From left to right:
yellow: black Souffle pen
orange: silver Pilot paint pen
red: Faber Castel Pitt Artist Indian ink brush pen
dark orange: just watercolor paints, the key to blending is add more water between the colors
green: this was a more fabric type of tape, I found it hard to work with, I liked the edges though
green: clear Aquatip pen
blue: stamp with Brilliance ink
green/blue: white glue (creates a batik style)
wide green/blue: brushed on drier watercolor paint
white: painted with black watercolor paint
blue: cheap kids watercolor paint, felt grainy and powdery after
purple: cheap kids watercolor paint, felt grainy and powdery after

As you can see, anything seems to work. Play around with various mediums and let me know how they work out!

Here are some tags I made with my tape and paper scraps.
10-06-20 095

closeup tag