Torrential downpours this weekend. So we went camping. Thankfully Ahji decided renting a cabin was a good idea instead of fighting the weather with our mix and match set of gear so we stayed warm and dry. The rains let up during the afternoon and we wandered down to the sandcastle festival. There was some rain damage, but the sculptures were still impressive.

one big sandcastle


My kids don’t get enough interaction with sand. They didn’t want to see the sandcastles, they wanted to make their own. So they did.


They weren’t the only kids who wanted to play in the dirt. Ahji and his brother made their own sand creation which gathered a bit of a crowd.

big kids

Jaylene was excited to try out the tunnel but it wasn’t quite big enough.

through the tunnel

Unfortunately, while she was waiting for the adjustments to be made, Jayden threw a handful of dirt in her eye. A kind stranger donated a bottle of water for us to wash it out, I’ve never seen so much sand in one eye before. It all washed out easily and she was none the worse for wear. However, the tunnel collapsed while we were preoccupied.

Here’s a link to a sandcastle cake made from ice cream cones and crumbled graham crackers.

What’s the coolest sand creation you’ve made?