Jaylene has been requesting art lessons for awhile and yet has shunned the idea of participating in any ideas that are not generated by herself. I finally found a framework that provides a way for her to learn the techniques and skills she desires, and let her have the independence she needs. Art journals! We’ve followed Teesha Moore’s four-step guideline (background, border, collage, pen work). See her videos here.

I demonstrated how to use watercolor crayons to make a background on one of my own pages and then Jaylene made her own using colors she picked out. She made the borders with papers she picked out and made a collage using magazine cutouts and a color print of her brother’s adorable baby face. We printed off a bunch of faces so that her pages would be personalized. Then I demonstrated how if you use the watercolor crayon to outline, it helps bring the whole design together. She finished off her page with some basic journaling. And here it is:

Art Journal Jayden's muscles by Jaylene

Then she made a page practicing the same techniques, but all on her own. I had to remind her to do the outlining, but she did the rest by herself. I had to giggle at the theme.

Art Journal Princess by Jaylene