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Where is your journey taking you? Someplace peaceful I hope.

With this one the focus was using layers to create depth. She used paints stamps, stenciling, pen work and collage. The idea of having a message to say through art was also introduced.


With this one, the goal was to express an emotion through the page. She’s been overwhelmed with the amount of mosquito bites she has (22 if you want to count) and so made this page to describe her irritation. I refrained from pointing out that she made a supercute page for something she hates so vehemently.


She really liked how simple and quick the above page was and requested more fast techniques like the starburst background. She’s working on another starburst background collage (princess themed with one of her best friends), but completed this next one first by looking at a picture in one of her old textbooks for reference, drawing it and then using it as a base for her collage.


Jaylene has been requesting art lessons for awhile and yet has shunned the idea of participating in any ideas that are not generated by herself. I finally found a framework that provides a way for her to learn the techniques and skills she desires, and let her have the independence she needs. Art journals! We’ve followed Teesha Moore’s four-step guideline (background, border, collage, pen work). See her videos here.

I demonstrated how to use watercolor crayons to make a background on one of my own pages and then Jaylene made her own using colors she picked out. She made the borders with papers she picked out and made a collage using magazine cutouts and a color print of her brother’s adorable baby face. We printed off a bunch of faces so that her pages would be personalized. Then I demonstrated how if you use the watercolor crayon to outline, it helps bring the whole design together. She finished off her page with some basic journaling. And here it is:

Art Journal Jayden's muscles by Jaylene

Then she made a page practicing the same techniques, but all on her own. I had to remind her to do the outlining, but she did the rest by herself. I had to giggle at the theme.

Art Journal Princess by Jaylene

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