We visited the lovely Paper Museum in Taipei on Saturday. The exhibit was quite inspiring for us to create our own paper art, hopefully in the near future. Jaylene’s favorite part was being able to make her own paper of course. I made some too, but in between steps I managed to snap a few pictures.

Adding Mint

First there was a quick explanation of what we were going to do. Jaylene got to play with the pulp for a bit.


Here she is patting excess water away
Making Paper

They gave a nice little certificate to us along with our paper. I took a handmade paper class a few years ago with a friend. We began by foraging around the botanical gardens to find plants suitable for making paper. We had permission to take away any trimmings or branches/leaves that were off the plant. It was so fascinating to make paper completely from scratch. I’ll have to dig out my notes and see if we can find any suitable fibers around our home.

Oh, and before I forget, Jayden requested that I share the egg he decorated during the Easter Egg hunt.