Jayden turns three today! I was planning on making some fun Lego shaped cakes and having a Lego themed party. However, I asked Jayden what he wanted for a cake and he said a piggy cake without a second thought, so I couldn’t disappoint him! Lacking a decent kitchen I gave up baking cakes a long time ago. Yamazaki bakery has these cute little strawberry cupcakes, and marshmellos are in abundance these days so I grabbed a few packages of pink ones, some mini m&ms, and voila!


Many thanks to Brenda (Keanu and Baby Kate’s Mom) for making up a batch of pink icing for us. I was originally going to ice the top and then add the candy, but it seemed less messy to put icing directly on the marshmellos and hand it to the kids to place. Jayden did all of the noses and some of the ears. He would put an ear on and then Jaylene would place the other ear, providing some symmetry. He was so happy to be making his own piggy cake! Although he kept asking every other minute if it was time to eat them yet. My little helpers did get to eat a bowl of leftover candy at the end.


My mom could make the most amazingly decorated cakes for me. I hope my kids will be as happy with theirs. What was your favorite birthday cake memory?