Jaylene has fallen in love with birds. We’ve done some researching on birds and we actually planned our Chinese New Year trip around some areas that had excellent bird watching. On a recent craft supply shopping trip into the capital, we saw some realistic birds that she immediately fell in love with. And then she made some plans to create a lego nest for them, as that’s her building material of choice. She’s quite skilled with blocks!

This weekend she had created a little stove out of rocks and sand and leaves and baby Kate’s dropped cheerios. She made spoons out of leaves and needed a plate. I felt inspired to weave a bowl for her from the dangly roots on the nearby trees. Jaylene noticed that it would be a perfect nest for her birds.

Jaylene nest

Jaylene wanted to make one too of course and helped create the second one as they are quite fiddly to make. But before her birdies could enjoy their happy homes, they were invaded by other occupants.


Thankfully the cars have relocated.

bird nests

What’s your favorite bird?