slippers 003

It seems like it was just a few days ago when the heat was unbearable in the noon day sun, and now it’s time to get out the winter jackets and wear slippers in the house. Wait, it was only on Saturday that it was terribly hot. But apparently winter has arrived as yesterday I was forced by my freezing footsies to get out my slippers and I’m thinking of putting down the throw rugs. The kids have been wearing their slippers for weeks. I think they just like the clip clopping sound they make on the floor. Jayden calls them his Doraemon and it’s almost daily that we have to hunt around for the missing one as he wails, “Mommy, my DoRAEMON!” He also has a pair of the Betty Boop ones in blue. His Ahma bought them for him to wear around town and Jaylene requested her own pair for inside the house.

slippers 002

Here are some cute toddler sized slippers that Jayden made out of bristol board. The teachers used Bristol Board to trace around his feet, cut them out, and staple the bands on, but he did the decorating. They’re wearable, but probably not for long!