Once upon a time there was a little dragon who was so excited to go to a halloween party on Sunday, that he wore his costume for days and days. His mom let him wear it to school on Friday, even though there were no celebrations going on, and gave him a bag of treats to hand out to his classmates.

01 Dragon

Finally the day of the party arrived, and although he’d been wearing his costume almost continuously, he refused to wear it out the door. He was tricked into wearing his beloved ladybug coat and soon was smiling again. A nap in the car on the way to the party resulted in a sleepy, grumpy ladybug upon arrival.

02 Grumpy Ladybug

The ladybug coat came off in the house and it was just a little boy running around for awhile. Then he requested his dragon outfit, which had thankfully been brought along covertly. Off trick or treating we went. The delight of collecting candy is somewhat overwhelming.

03 Trick or Treat

The cold weather surrounding our home castle resulted in a hybrid of sorts….

04 Hybrid

There was also a fire girl who neglected to smile in any photo taken. She was delightfully happy during the entire event though.

06 Fire Girl sans mask

05 Waiting

It’s well worth the hour-long drive to Angie’s house to visit friends and be a part of one of the two locations to trick or treat in Taipei! Big thank yous to everyone involved! More pictures at my Flickr set.