Jaylene started Grade Two today. Last year she was excited but a wee bit fearful. This time around it was all excitement. Apparently the first day met her expectations and she came home with the same grin on that she left with. She marched in the door and proudly announced that she was in Grade Two now! She presented me with a red envelope full of cash that her teacher had given her because of her delightful behaviour last year. (She has the same teacher for two year stints). That reminded me that I hadn’t posted about how she had accomplished earning 20 honour cards last year.

honor cards

A student is given an honour card when she is recognized for thoughtful and kind behaviour. Jaylene and I have discussed how I’m proud that she was #1 in her class, but I’m exceptionally proud of her for earning her honour cards. I’m also glad that she took that money she was given today ($100 NTD, about $3 USD) and promptly put it in her piggy bank. That’s my girl!