Yesterday was not only another official typhoon day, but it was also Father’s Day in Taiwan. Eight in Chinese sounds like “ba” which is also the sound for Father. So double eight day is when they celebrate Father’s Day.

Jayden started preparing in advance, with the help of his teachers. It involved gluing…
glue it

And sticking dry beans on (why do so many blessed art projects require dried beans? )
stick it

Presented with pride!
love it

The observant among you will notice that the color is different. No, Jayden didn’t just randomly swipe another kid’s artwork and get his picture taken (although, he has been known to do so on occasion!). This one was actually for me because my mother’s day card got lost in the mail.

Back to the Father’s Day card. It was put in an envelope and then dutifully stamped.
Stamp it

And then mailed. Thank goodness for older sisters who can help you reach the mail slot!
mail it

Then you wait patiently for the mail carriers to do their job and deliver it to your post box. If they can manage to do so. (We still love postmen, especially the one we’re related to! I’m just bitter about the loss of my first mother’s day card from my son). Then it needs to be retrieved from the box. With the help of an older sister if you happen to have one handy.

receive it

Finally, hand deliver it to the recipient with a smile.

hand deliver it

So much more exciting than merely sticking it in the school bag to bring home. Of course there were more handmade goodies to give on the actual Daddy Day.