Jaylene loves the look of long hair, but at the end of every spring she decides to get it all chopped off. It just gets too hot in the summer to deal with long hair. Short hair has its problems as well though, mainly bangs get in the way of seeing everything that goes on in the world. Hairbands are a solution, however Jaylene is very specific about the style of hairband she can use. There can be no teeth and the ends can not hurt your ears.

The other day we discovered a little craft store that was selling white hairbands that had no teeth. We bought about twenty for less than two dollars! We brought them home and Jaylene started pulling out ribbons and other decorative elements and instructed me on how to glue them on.


Introducing a line of hair accessories by Jaylene K… “Little Rose”, “Sea Blue” and “Shamrock”. She even told me how to make “pockets” for the ends to protect her ears.

hairband pockets

I usually don’t use hair accessories because they give me headaches. How do you adorn your hair?