We spent Sunday with friends in the great outdoors. First we met up for a hiking trip. It was a new trail for us and I’m not sure we’ll go back. The moms were saying things like: “It’s so treacherous!,” “Dangerous!,” and “Are you kidding?” The dads were saying things like: “Cool!,” “No problem!,” and “This is great!” The kids were saying “Carry me!”. We had no accidents though, even though there were three two-year olds in our group. Here’s a picture of most of the kids halfway through the hike on a munchies break.


You can tell by the harsh shadows that it was H*O*T! The heat didn’t keep the critters away though, we saw lots of creepy crawlies, spiders (some as large as my hand), and bugs.

leaf bug

And even a few troops of monkeys! A bit too close for my comfort.


After the hike, we headed up to Bamboo Lake for a delicious meal at a semi-outdoor restaurant. We’ll be heading back to that one because they had lots of animals to keep the kids occupied when they weren’t chowing down. Chickens, turkeys, fish, cats, birds… all wandering around keeping the children busy. Across the street was a trail that led to a lovely stream which we happily explored.

Bamboo lake

After that our group split up. Ahji wanted to do more hiking, but we convinced him that hanging out in Datun Nature park by the ecological pond would be appreciated more. There are nice grassy fields there but unfortunately we hadn’t brought a ball along. We discovered that empty bottles are a good substitute. The kids had a blast retrieving them, especially Jayden.


The kids also had fun catching bugs with their nature nets.
nature nets

We finished off the evening with dumplings for dinner. How was your weekend?