Although it doesn’t always happen, I like Jaylene to include some sort of handmade touch to the birthday presents we give. Often it’s just the card. We like to make a necklace holder card for her girlfriends. Here’s an example.

620 017

Jaylene draws a portrait of her friend, and then cuts along the neck line in order to slide the real necklace in. It helps to make wee circles where you want the chain to sit on the picture. Then add the extra length at the back to a little zipbag or include it as part of the inside picture.

620 018

Recently, we needed a present for a nine-year old boy and I remembered seeing a blog post for Giant Pick up Sticks. There’s also this Giant Pick Up Sticks Tutorial.  We used decorative tape instead of paint to differentiate the sticks. To make the storage case I used a huge piece of felt, and hot glued it to the bottom of a plastic water bottle. One of these days I’ll learn how to sew a bag.
pick up sticks 006

What’s your standard gift for birthday parties? I’d love to hear ideas for boys especially.