Ahji: I want to eat at the all you can eat BBQ restaurant.
Julie: How about this weekend?
Ahji: Okay.



Julie: I’m mad at you.
Ahji: Why?
Julie: You forgot our anniversary last week.
Ahji: No I didn’t.
Julie: Did you wish me “Happy Anniversary”?
Ahji: umm… we went out for dinner.
Julie: When?
Ahji: Tonight, for BBQ!


Julie: Daddy and I are going out for a romantic dinner tonight and you’re going to stay home and play with Ahma.
Jaylene: Okay.  Does Daddy know?

 Unfortunately Ahji is allergic to reservations.  After walking around we ended up driving to our usual haunt and having dumplings.  However, I snagged a name card so I can make reservations for next week.  Hopefully we’ll have a babysitter then too!  How do you usually celebrate anniversaries?