Before the dance show last night we squeezed in an hour or so vollunteering at the twice-annual Parent Pages Charity Rummage Sale. Well, I did set up, Ahji chased Jayden and Jaylene made some purchases from the toy bins and lemonade stand. I made some purchases too… always delighted to stop at the Cherry Hill Bookstore table. And I bought a my first leappad with some books and cartridges.


We had the pink one, but it wasn’t working very well. It still makes sporadic sounds, which is perfect for Jayden at the moment. He just wants to copy whatever his big sister is doing. After their baths last night, they had a lot of fun “reading” together. Jayden went straight to the leappads this morning too. Looks like this will be the new obsession (Duplo blocks are *so* last week! But there are still remnants lying around like the pooh bear block in the photo.) What’s the favorite toy around your house these days?