We spent most of today waiting, practicing and watching Jaylene’s first dance recital/competition. Thankfully for the watching part we were joined by five fabulous families who cheered her on. We took up two rows. Thank you dear friends.


We sat in front of Jaylene, separated by an aisle that was guarded by adolescent security guards who took their jobs quite seriously. I was kicked out several times when I slipped back to chat with my daughter. However, Jaylene’s groupie managed to sneak past them more than once and give her some cuddles.


So much for security! And so much for taking the good camera along. I did, but of course the lighting was poor. I’m not sure about my processing attempt. It definitely looks different from the original but I’m not sure if it’s better. If you post-process your photos, what do you do with terrible light shots?

Oh, and if you want to see Jaylene dance her heart out, check out the videos in the Flickr set.