Jaylene made an adorable parachuting bear that actually “flies”.

Plastic bag
7 lengths of string
clear tape
a magnet or some sort of flat weight
a parachutist (Jaylene drew a pandabear, a small toy would work too)


Cut the bag into a circle and decorate it with permament markers and then attach the strings to the edge with the clear tape. Tie the ends together and add the weighted parachutist to the end.


To help the parachutist “fly”, swing it back and forth a bit to open up the chute. Then toss it into the air. Or, if it’s windy enough you can just hold your parachutist and let the wind blow the chute open.


One of these days I’m going to go up island to Green Bay and paraglide off the mountain to the beach. Perhaps for my birthday? What fun adventure have you been planning in the back of your mind?