This weekend has been fairly rainy and cold and a wee bit wet. I’ve been holed up in various rooms, trying to escape the madness that results when kids are housebound. I get to escape rather than embrace because I’m in the midst of the curriculum & theory course. Ahji is the one who has had to face the craziness head on. His usual plan of attack has been thwarted by Jayden hiding the remote control and our tv won’t turn on without it. His back up plan was to call in Ahma. The kids are having fun, but nothing worthy of blogging. So I’ll share what we did last weekend when the sun was shining and I had no homework…. we headed up to Taipei Ranch.

happy trails

It’s at the top of YangMing Mountain and it’s a completely different world compared to the city. Wide open plains, gentle breezes, grazing cattle. Wild cattle that is. Hmmmm. Shall we read the signs?

sign 1

sign 2

Did you notice in the top photo that there were people (in the top right corner) blatantly disregarding the signs? We hopped over the fence too.

Off the beaten track

Everybody who visited crossed over the fence at one time or another. Or climbed through the two pieces of rope that they called a fence. Or just walked through the many openings. Who can resist the call of a wide open space?

We did see cattle, but thankfully they were far away.