So, I joined Twitter. I had considered it before but couldn’t justify it. No one I know (that I know of) is a twitterer (twit?) and the crazy names are a bit annoying. But wordpress found a way to encorporate the tweets into my blog. What does that mean?

Well, when I want to share something that I don’t think is worth an actual blog post, then I’ll add it to my tweets (comments left on Twitter) and it will show up in the sidebar on my blog. For example, Monday I could have written: Home sick from work with a terrible ear infection.

How does this affect you? Well, I’m not sure if it will show up in any blog readers but if you come directly to the site, you’ll know why I missed wordless wednesday. Because on Wednesday I’d have written something like: Still dizzy and now sad that I have to miss Mom’s night out in order to refill my antibiotic prescription.

Basically the Twitter application is a way for me to add more information to my blog, in a less permanent way. I’ll try to put cute kid sayings up there and maybe funny observations of life in Taiwan. Along with my whining about dizzy spells.  Oh, and I’ll let you know when I upload pictures to Flickr or scrapbook layouts.  Or find a cool link I think is worth sharing.  Hmmm, this could be fun.