We decided to make a pinata for Jayden’s party. Friends of ours had made their own using a gift bag and it worked pretty well. I decided to modify the idea a bit and use some of Jaylene’s old preschool paintings. I was worried because the paper was thinner than a gift bag and I didn’t want it to break before most of the kids had a chance to hit it. So I thought I could make three and tape them together. That way if one of the pinatas broke, there would still be two more for the others to play with. Nice theory, but the paper was stronger than I thought and I ended up having to rip it after all the kids hit it twice. I still like the main design and will try it again, with thinner paper!

Step one:
Grab an old painting and some soft candy and stickers. (For older kids you can use little toys as well.)

Step two:
Fold the painting in half, put the candy in and use clear packing tape around the edge to seal it up. Repeat with two other paintings.

packaged up

Step three:
Use clear packing tape to make a handle and attach the three “bags” together.

taped up

Step four:
Either hang it from the ceiling or the end of a broom handle. We had quite a variation in kid sizes, so the broom handle worked well to adjust the height level.


Step five:
Gather up the goodies! The candy will probably go first and you’ll have to encourage the kids to collect the stickers. But the stickers make a nice fluttering sight.